Purpose and Nature

Programs granting the Bachelor’s degree are designed primarily to qualify graduates to function as principal leaders or ministers.

Entrance Qualifications

Successful completion of 10+2 years of schooling or its equivalent. NIITS accepts candidates who have completed their schooling from regular schools only and not through open school, correspondence or extension, except in special circumstances.

In special cases, older mature candidates who may not have completed the 12 years of schooling may be admitted upon successful completion of the Diploma program and/or fulfilling a qualifying assessment.

Credits from non-accredited institutions are to be accepted only on the basis of validation or a period of probationary study.

The ATA accredited two-year Diploma in Theology is an equivalent of the HSC/+2. Applicants who have completed successfully a two-year program that has an entrance requirement of successful completion of 10 years of schooling, but is not ATA accredited, must appear for and successfully pass a qualifying examination consisting of three papers set at the final year DipTh in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Christian Ministry. Unless this is done they are not qualified for entry into an ATA accredited BTh degree program. However, no such applicant can be granted any advance credit towards the BTh degree.

Mature candidates who do not meet the required entrance qualification but are at least 25 years of age, may be admitted into the program on the basis of a qualifying exam set at the 12th standard level (at least three subjects). There ought not to be more than 10% of mature candidates in any given class/batch.

Admission Procedure

Any applicant for admission should normally be recommended for this program by their local church pastor. The pastor should have known the student for at least two years.

Annual Cost

It costs NIITS Rs.1,20,000.00 per year to train one student. The highly subsidized annual fee for a residential student is 50% of the annual cost or Rs. 60,000.00, and for a day scholar it is Rs.40,000.00 for the BTh program.

The college raises funds through student sponsorships and grants to help subsidize student fees and support the program. A further limited scholarship is available to extremely needy students but a minimum of Rs.30,000 (BTh) has to be paid by each student regardless of circumstances.

Areas of Study

  • Bible & Exegesis
  • Church History
  • Theology and Ethics
  • Practical Theology: Ministry related courses, Pastoral, Christian Education, etc.
  • Evangelism, Missions, Cross-cultural studies, church planting
  • Religions, Culture and/or Biblical Language

Course Structure

NIITS follows monthly module system and more details are provided in the calendar of events.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of 120 course credit hours.
  2. An assessment of required field education involvement.
  3. An assessment of character, spiritual development, and ministry commitment.
  4. Payment of all dues including the graduation fee.
  5. A settlement with and clearance of all departments of NIITS, including the library.


A personal interview with the admission committee is a must and there are no exceptions.

Last Date

The deadline, for receiving applications is June 30 each year, after which a late fee (Rs.100) is payable. Currently, we can take only 20 students in each batch of BTh+MDiv.

Academic Year is July to June.

A modular system is followed at NIITS with eight modules in each academic year.

The classes for each academic year begin in the last week of July.

All approved and selected students are expected to arrive at NIITS no later than Sunday, the day before classes start on Monday.

Graduation is usually the last Saturday of April each year.