Core Curriculum, Library & Other Academic Facilities

as per Asia Theological Association (ATA)

  • OT Survey: A study of the OT books in their historical setting.
  • NT Survey: A study of the NT books in their historical setting.
  • Pentateuch: A study of the first five books of the Bible with special emphasis on their theological content.
  • OT Prophets: A study of the prophetical movement in Israel and the theology of the prophets.
  • Life of Christ: A study of the life and ministry of Christ based on the Gospel of Mark.
  • Pauline writings: A survey of Pauline theology with special emphasis on Rom.1-8.
  • Biblical interpretation: An introduction to the different kinds of writings in the Bible and the approach to be taken in interpreting them.
  • Luke-Acts: A study of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles with a primary focus upon the literary analysis of the text, analysis of the books in view of the entire New Testament history.
  • Gospel of John: An in-depth study of the fourth gospel with emphasis on its historical framework, theological themes.
  • Revelation: An introductory study of the book of Revelation which focuses upon the structure of the book, exegetical analysis, and its relevance to the doctrine of the last days.
  • Wisdom Literature: An introductory study of the biblical poetical and wisdom literature with application for Christian faith, worship, theology and reflections on practical living.
  • Pastoral Epistles & Theology: A study of the pastoral epistles with focus on pastoral themes and theology.
  • Political, Religious, Social, and Economic Composition of North-West India
  • Christian Theology I: Doctrine of revelation, God, Christ, Holy Spirit
  • Christian Theology II: Doctrine of Man, Salvation, Church, and eschatology.
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics: A survey of contemporary personal and social ethical issues.
  • Issues in Contextual Theology
  • General History of Christianity: A survey of the worldwide growth of Christianity in the Christian era.
  • History of Christianity in India: A survey of the coming to India of Christianity and its spread across the country.
  • Major religions in India: A study of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
  • Contemporary Indian movements: A study of contemporary religious and social movements and trends in the sub-continent and their relevance to the Indian Church.
  • Introduction to Mission and Evangelism: Biblical and theological basis for mission, and contemporary trends.
  • Principles of Church Growth: An introduction to principles of church planting and church growth.
  • An introduction to Christian Communication.
  • Preaching and worship: A study of the principles of Christian worship and preaching.
  • Church administration and leadership: A study of the basic principles of management and leadership as related to Christian ministry.
  • Pastoral care and counseling: A study of the basic task of a pastor in his oversight and nurture of a congregation.
  • Educational ministry in the church: A study of the principles of education and educational psychology as they relate to the ministry of teaching in the church.
  • Christian Home
  • Basics of Church Ministry
  • Women in Church and Ministry
  • Basic spirituality: A study of the basics of Christian life and discipleship.
  • Study methods: A study of the methods and techniques involved in study, research, paper writing, and so on.

NIITS offers a number of elective courses to meet the ATA requirements for the BTh degree by taking into consideration the needs of students, the availability of lecturer, and the current issues and trends in ministry.

The college is in the process of building a quality theological and religious studies library. Students and faculty have access to over 10,000 volumes. A recent grant will enable us to add about 2000 more volumes to our collection this year. The library subscribes to a variety of theological and religious studies journals and magazines. Students and faculty are encouraged to make regular use of the library. The library is computerized, and therefore, fully searchable.

Recently NIITS and BTCP partnered in their theological education and ministry training missions. NIITS now incorporates all ten BTCP courses and each graduate of NIITS is certified as BTCP or BTCL teacher in addition to earning his/her BTh degree.

The college has spacious and well-equipped classrooms with the necessary audio-visual equipment.

The college has a computer lab for students to do their assignments and online research.

The college has separate, high-quality hostel facilities for men and women. The college also runs dining hall to provide all healthy and nutritional meals to students.

Students are encouraged to participate in sports in their spare time and the college provides the necessary sports equipment.

as per Asia Theological Association (ATA)

  • Introduction to the Bible-1 (NT)
  • Introduction to the Bible-2 (OT)
  • Hermeneutics (History and principles of Interpretation)
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Prophetic Movement and Prophetic Books
  • Corinthian Correspondence
  • Preliminary Greek
  • Intermediate Greek
  • Preliminary Hebrew
  • Intermediate Hebrew
  • Johannine Thought with exegesis of selected passages
  • Old Testament Theology
  • Systematic Theology – 1
  • Systematic Theology – 2
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Asian Christian Theology
  • History of Christianity in Asia with special emphasis on India
  • Major Religions of Asia
  • Understanding Indian Society
  • Bible and Cultural Anthropology
  • Principles of Church growth and Evangelism
  • Foundation of Christian Ministry
  • Homiletics
  • Introduction to Christian Communication
  • Christian Education
  • Family and Marriage
  • Church and its Mission
  • Missiological paradigms and issues in missions today
  • Research Writing and Paper
  • Bible and Comprehensive Exam
  • Practical Ministry (Supervised)